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How to Customize the LATTE Shell

A guide to the Brandeis LATTE Shell


Mid-Course Evaluations are an opportunity to receive feedback from your students throughout the semester. LATTE has evaluations automatically included in all courses that use the default template format. Evaluation forms are created using the Feedback activity, with several standard questions already created. Instructors have the option to add additional questions specific to their courses. All student responses are anonymous. 

Learn more about the benefits of gathering feedback from the Brandeis Center for Teaching and Learning. 

Make Evaluations Visible to Students

  1. Click the Turn Editing On button at the top of your LATTE course page. Visit the Instructor Resources topic, located at the bottom of the page. This topic can be expanded by clicking the triangle next to the topic’s title. It may be hidden from students. Instructor Resources Topic
  2. Locate the Mid-Course Evaluations label. The Mid-Course Evaluation activities, titled Course Feedback- Administration 1 and 2, are also hidden from students:
    Mid-Course Evaluations Label and Activities 
  3. Use the arrows icon to move the Mid-Course Evaluations label and activities to where you would like them on your LATTE course page. Some instructors prefer to move them to the top of the course, while others might want to include it in a topic. 
  4. When you are ready for students to complete their Mid-Course Evaluations, click on Edit   and Show   to make the explanatory label and feedback activity available to students:
    Show Feedback


Add Evaluations

IMPORTANT: If you have deleted the Instructor Resources topic, or if you have removed the default template, please email the Brandeis Library team to request the label and activities be manually added to your course. 

Alternatively, you can recreate the Mid-course Feedback activities by adding a Label and Feedback activity to your course. 

  1. Click the Turn Editing On button at the top of your LATTE course page. Choose the topic where you would like the Mid-Course Evaluations to display and click + Add an activity or resource
  2. Select Label and copy/paste the following to use as the label text: 

    "Mid-course Evaluations will be made available approximately half-way through the term. I welcome your anonymous feedback to better understand your learning experience so that we can address any concerns and confirm what has been effective." 

  3. Select Feedback Activity and add the activity to your course. Create two "longer text answer" questions with the following text, or create your own questions specific to the course: 
    • What has been most helpful for your learning in this class so far? (e.g. Describe the time(s) in this class when you were most engaged.)
    • What suggestion(s) can you make that would enhance your learning experience in this class? 

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