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How to Customize the LATTE Shell

A guide to the Brandeis LATTE Shell


By default, LATTE course shells uses the Collapsible Topics format. Below the course banner, several sections, called Topics, are available to organize the class activities and resources. The Topics can be populated and modified in many ways to suit the needs of the course and instructor.

Expand a topic

Topics can be expanded and collapsed by any page viewer by clicking the triangle next to each topic’s title. To open all topics on the LATTE course page, click Expand All.

expand all topics


Rename a topic

To modify your topics or their contents, first, click the Turn Editing On button. With editing turned on, click the pencil edit icon next to a Topic name. Type in a new title for the Topic, such as the date of the class session or the number and title of the course unit. Press Enter on your keyboard to save the new title. Pressing the Esc key or clicking elsewhere on the page before saving will cancel the change.

Rename a topic

Move a topic

You can move topics to reorder them in two ways; both start with the arrows icon that appears on the left side of each topic when editing is turned on.
Option 1: Click and hold the selected topic’s arrows icon to drag the topic to its new position.

Three collapsed topics, with the crossed-arrows "move" icon highlighted in red.
Option 2: Click once on the arrows icon to bring up a full list of the course topics, then choose a new position for your selected topic from that list. Click any topic in the list to move the selected topic to that position. The other topics will shift to accommodate the change.

The "Move Topic" dialog box that lists all possible positions for the topic being moved.

Activities and resources can also be moved using either of these methods.

Delete a topic

Navigate to the topic you want to delete, click Edit , then  Delete topic.

 IMPORTANT: Deleting a topic will also delete anything inside it; be sure you have moved anything you want to keep into another topic before deleting.

A topic, with its Edit menu expanded, and the "Delete topic" option highlighted in red.

Add a new topic

To add a new topic, scroll to the last topic on the course page and click + Add topics. 

The bottom topic in a course, with the "+ Add topics" link.

A dialog box will pop up to allow you to choose how many new sections to create. Each course can have up to 52 topic sections.
The Add Topics dialog box, where the user chooses how many topics to add.

Add Labels to a Topic

Labels are a great tool for adding structure and organization to your Topic sections.

New Labels can be created from the Activity Chooser at any time. To make a new Label, you will use the LATTE Text Editor to combine text, images, and multimedia to your liking.

Show, hide, and highlight topics

You can change the visibility of any topic from the Edit  menu on its right side. Clicking  Highlight,  Hide, or Show Topic (from a hidden topic) in the Edit  menu will immediately change the visibility of that topic.

The expanded Edit menu for a topic, showing the options Edit topic, Highlight topic, Hide topic, and Delete topic.

Highlight Topic

Highlighting a topic makes that topic expand automatically for your students and adds a blue border to its left edge to call attention to it, even when collapsed. In the selected topic’s Edit  menu, click  Highlight. Only one topic can be highlighted at a time; highlighting a different topic will remove the highlight from the previous one. You can also remove the topic highlight by opening the Edit  menu on the highlighted topic and clicking  Remove Highlight.

Three topics, one expanded and with a blue border on its left edge, due to the course Highlight being applied to it.

Hide Topic 

In the topic’s Edit  menu, click  Hide. When a topic is hidden, students will not be able to see the topic or any of the activities and resources the topic contains. You will know a topic is hidden from the students' view when the topic title shows the “Hidden from students” notice and the font color turns gray.

A topic title with a blue "hidden from students" notice below it.

Show Topic 

In the topic’s Edit  menu, click Show Topic, which will have replaced the Hide topic option. This makes the topic and all its visible contents available to the students immediately. If any items inside the topic are hidden individually, they will remain hidden even when the topic is visible.

A topic's expanded Edit menu, with the Show topic option shaded.


If you would like to additionally customize divider labels and icons in the LATTE Shell, please contact for instructions and resources. 

You can also explore the LATTE Shell Sample Course for more ideas on how to customize topics and labels.