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NBIO 208

Interactive statistics tutorial and other resources for students in NBIO 208

Science Services from Brandeis Library

Interactive Tutorial:  Statistics as Linear Models with Python

Here are three ways to access your Jupyter Notebook for statistics in python:

Topics include:

  • The simplicity underlying common statistical tests
  • The python environment
  • Correlations
  • One mean comparison
  • Many mean comparisons
  • Checking assumptions

New to Google Colab?  Check out this 3 minute summary from Google.

Getting Started with Python

What is Python?

Python is a high-level and general-purpose programming language. As this definition implies, you can use Python for several purposes, from web development to data science, machine learning, and robotics. 

Installing Python

Python 3 has many popular scientific libraries. There are many ways to install Python, but installing Anaconda ensures the installation of key libraries and environments. Detailed installation instructions for various operating systems can be found on The Carpentries template website for workshops and in Anaconda documentation.

Cloud-based Python

Introductory Tutorials

More Resources