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Course Reserves: Accepted Reserve Materials

A guide to course reserves in the library for faculty, instructors and students.

Purchase Requests

To request a reserve purchase, fill out the Course Reserves Request form. Include as much information about the item as possible (title, author, ISBN, edition). It is important to submit reserve purchase requests well in advance of the date they are needed in your class.

The library will make every reasonable effort to fulfill purchase requests for reserve. However, because of budget and space constraints, we cannot guarantee to purchase all items requested for reserve. Additional justification for a purchasing may be required for more expensive materials. We will not purchase multiple copies of a title.

E-books are the preferred format for reserve texts and will be purchased in lieu of print whenever possible.

Contact Info

Phone: 781-736-4591
Visit: Information & Borrowing Desk, Goldfarb Level 1

Physical Reserves: Books and Media

We accept materials such as books, videos, and audio CDs for reserve.

  • We cannot put any unauthorized reproduction of a book, video or CD on reserve. All reserve materials must be lawfully acquired or purchased copies. We may contact you if more information is needed to determine if an item is authorized. Please email with specific inquiries.
  • Materials borrowed from another library, rental store or obtained through Interlibrary loan may not be placed on reserve.
  • Reserve materials will be removed from Reserve at the end of each semester, unless special arrangements are made.
  • Library Reference, journals and other non-circulating materials are not placed on reserve. They do not circulate outside of the library and will be available to your students on the shelf. Exceptions to this policy are reviewed on a case by case basis. Please email with specific inquiries.
  • Journal articles and book chapters should be uploaded or linked to your LATTE course. They are not accepted for physical reserve. Please observe all copyright and fair use guidelines.
  • Personal items may be placed on reserve if they are authorized, legal copies.
    • If a library copy is available, we advise against putting personal materials on course reserve.
    • Personal copies must be marked for use with our library software system. They cannot be protected from wear and tear.
    • The library cannot assume responsibility for replacing personal copies that are stolen, lost, or damaged; although every effort will be made to prevent this from occuring.
    • Personal materials will be returned by campus mail at the end of each semester.

Electronic Reserves: E-books, Articles, Chapters, Video and Audio

Articles, chapters, e-books, videos and audio files can be shared with students via LATTE, Brandeis University's online learning environment.

Journal articles and e-books can be shared easily with students by linking to the article/e-book within a LATTE course. You can even create a link to specific chapters within a book. For help with linking to e-resources, please contact the Technology Help Desk.

You can upload readings and documents to your LATTE courses, including articles, chapters and images. Please take the time to review our copyright guidelines.

Audio materials (language lessons, music files, etc.) can be digitized and shared with students in your LATTE course. Please contact the Technology Help Desk to request these materials well in advance of the start of the semester.

Videos from the library's collection can be made available on LATTE. Please visit the page LATTE Videos page for more information on this service.