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Science Research and Data

A 'How To' for accessing and managing scientific literature, data collection, analysis and management for collaborative research.

Welcome to Science Research and Data

Welcome to the Science Research and Data Guide

Here you will find a 'How To' for accessing and managing scientific literature, and data collection, analysis and management throughout your collaborative research practices.

Scientific Literature

Connect to valuable resources, make appointments with your Science Librarian or Data Analysis Specialist, and read up on tips and tools for managing the latest scientific literature.

Data Collection and Management

Learn where to find data collections, become versed in best practices for data and file management, and connect to collaborative research tools like GitHub.

Data Analysis 

Coming soon.  Guidance for using R and Python for statistical analysis through Anaconda.  This page will build into a broader collection of resources through consultations and collaborations with our researchers.

Data Visualization

Coming soon. Best practices for communicating data and results through graphs and visuals.

Workshops for Science Data

Claire Pontbriand offers workshops and training on data analysis and management and quantitative software. 

See the workshops currently offered or contact Dr. Pontbriand with requests.