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University Writing Seminar (UWS) Research Guide

This guide provides tips for effective research and information about the different recommended library resources available for locating sources in Brandeis University Writing Seminars..

Search tips

Before you start searching, consider what discipline may provide research on your topic.  Is your topic related to history? Sociology? Medicine? Depending on your research topic, you may want to explore some subject-specific databases, as well as multidisciplinary databases.

Spend some time brainstorming keywords and search terms. Use subject headings or descriptors to help generate more search terms.

When you find a good article, look at its Works Cited or list of References. This will often lead you to other useful sources.

Finding Articles

The Library's OneSearch also searches across most of our article databases simultaneously. Use OnesSearch to get a quick overview of your topic or to find scholarly journal articles.

For a more focused searched, try one of these recommended databases:

Interested in exploring more databases? Check out the library's complete list of databases.