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Data Services

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Dr. Margarita Corral - Data Analysis Specialist

Make an Appointment with Margarita

Ford Fishman - Data Analysis Specialist for Science

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Alex Willett - GIS and Social Sciences Librarian

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Other subject liaisons

Live chat with a librarian is available from Monday to Friday, 11 am to 5 pm.

Consultations for Data Services

Schedule a free consultation with Data Analysis Specialists, Dr. Margarita Corral and Ford Fishman, or GIS Librarian, Alex Willett.

For general questions, you can also use the "Chat with a Librarian" button on any of the Research pages to chat with a librarian during service hours.

Who can get a consultation?

Consultation services are available to Brandeis community members, including

  • undergraduates
  • graduate students
  • faculty and researchers.

What might a consultation with Data Services look like?

  • Get help with programming languages and packages for data handling and statistical analysis
  • Get advice on statistical methods for a variety of data types
  • Evaluate research and data management practices for reproducible science and compliance

What might a consultation with GIS Services look like?

  • Get help finding, evaluating, and preparing data for use in GIS projects. 
  • Get support for adding/creating, editing, symbolizing, analyzing, and presenting data in supported software packages (ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS StoryMaps, Google Earth, QGIS, R, Social Explorer, etc.)
  • Get help interpreting geospatial file types, extensions, and common error messages.
  • Get guidance with documentation and other help resources for conducting advanced or discipline-specific analyses in GIS.

Finding Data

We can help you find reliable data:

  • for your topic

  • from reputable organizations and researchers

  • in formats you can use - or we can help you migrate them

  • that is free!

Managing Data

We can help you manage your data by: 

Analyzing Data

Learn software tools to help make sense of your data.  Our Data Analysis Specialists are well versed in quantitative and qualitative programs like

Want to get started on your own? Open the Data Analysis Research Guide for social sciences or the Scientific Computation Guide.

The High Performance Computing Cluster is available to researchers with big data or big analysis needs. Please read up on usage best practices in the Knowledge Base.


Mapping Data

Maps provide incredible context for data! Our GIS librarian can help:

  • find geospatial and tabular data needed to create your map

  • teach workshops or one-on-one consultations on software like ArcGIS, QGIS, Social Explorer, etc.

  • brainstorm a mapping assignment for technical concerns or workload feasibility

Want to get started on your own? Open the GIS Research Guide.