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SOC 129a: Sociology of Religion

Resources & help for SOC 129a, "Sociology of Religion," taught by Kristen Lucken in spring 2023.

New to the Sociology of Religion?

Are you new to sociology?   Or new to the sociological study of religion?  The two journals linked below publish works by sociologists and other social scientists that study religion.  Browsing some recent issues may help you to learn more about the topics and methods used in this field.

Databases: Search Scholarly Articles by Subject Area

Encyclopedias, Bibliographies, and More: Find Background Information

Primary Sources: Explore the Public Conversation on Religion

Data and Statistics: When You Need Numbers

Brandeis Library OneSearch

Cite Your Sources in APA Style: Examples

You don't need to memorize every rule of APA Style. Instead, find an example of a similar type of source cited in APA style (for example, a journal article, a book chapter, or a website), and use it as a pattern you will follow to create your own citation.

APA Style Tutorials and Webinars