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Introduction to the Archives: an Online Learning Portal

Use this self-paced Online Learning Module to learn more about the archives.

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Chloe Gerson
Chloe Gerson, Reference and Instruction Archivist
Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections, Goldfarb Library
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Let's Get Writing Again!

Now that you have completed the pre-assessment writing activity, watched the introduction video, and reviewed the companion information sheet, let's move on to the post-assessment writing activity!  Take as much time as you need to jot down your own answers to the following review questions on a sheet of paper (you can use the back of the same one you used for the pre-assessment):

  1. Define “primary source” and list 2 examples that are different from the ones you listed for the pre-assessment writing activity.

  2. List 2 key differences between libraries and archives.

  3. What is the archival equivalent to a library catalog record?