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Funding & Grants: Information Resources

Guide to information on funding and grants, scholarships, and fellowships.

Advanced Search

Advanced search allows you to add or exclude terms and phrases to your search (AND, OR, and NOT)

Search Limits and Filters

·       For each search, you can limit by Sponsor (click the List button to see a complete, searchable list), or exclude by Sponsor


·       You can limit by Category (click the List buton to see a complete list, including links to subcategories)



·       You can also specify Deadline range, add or subtract grants by Status, and use a slider to specify an amount range, including Unspecified


·       There are similar options for Sponsor Types, Grant Types, Applicant Locations, Activity Locations, Citizenship, Submissions limit, Applicant Types, and CFDA Numbers 


Use the terms you find in the lists and categories above to generate search terms for new searches