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Genetic Counseling

This is a guide to research in human genetics and other clinical, psychological, and social expertise required in the Genetic Counseling program of study.

Connect Google Scholar to Brandeis Library

Google Scholar is a simple place to search for full text because it allows you to search open access resources and the Brandeis library's subscriptions at the same time.

You can adjust your settings to connect Google Scholar to the Brandeis library, which will ensure that you'll get full access to Brandeis' subscriptions. Follow these steps to change your settings.

Alternatively, you can use the link above or the link on the library's Databases A-Z page. These links will automatically add Get It @ Brandeis links to Google Scholar.

Screenshot of Google Scholar settings page. All steps are listed on this page in text format.

1. Go to Google Scholar and click on "Settings" in the menu bar.

2. Click on "Library Links."

3. Type "Brandeis" into the search bar.

4. Select "Brandeis University - GetIt @ Brandeis!"

5. Click "Save."

Once you set it up, you'll see GetIt @ Brandeis links in Google Scholar. This is the fastest way to check all of the library's subscriptions to see if we have full text access.

If it says no full text, get it through Interlibrary Loan! (See the Get materials Brandeis doesn't have section of this page for more information). 

GetIt @ Brandeis link in Google Scholar. All information in this image is available on this page in text format.

Journal Websites

Some journal websites will allow you to log in using your Brandeis credentials. 

  1. Look for a log in link, often in the upper right corner of the webpage. 
  2. After clicking log in, look for an option to log in through your institution. If you see an option called "OpenAthens," that might also work.
  3. If prompted, select or search for Brandeis University. (If Brandeis isn't listed as an option, the site probably isn't configured to work with Brandeis' authentication systems).
  4. When you choose Brandeis, you should be directed to the Brandeis login page. 

Here's what the process looks like for Nature journals:

Login button on Nature homepage

Nature login page with Access through your institution button

Nature Access through your institution page

Brandeis Library OneSearch

You can use Brandeis Library OneSearch to see if we have full-text access to an article or book.

1. Use the link above or go to the library website and enter the title of the article into the Brandeis Library OneSearch box. 

2. The article you're looking for will usually show up in the top few search results. It will either say full text access or no full text. Click on the title to see your options.

a. If it says full text, you will sometimes see multiple publishers/database packages that provide full text, along with the dates of coverage. Choose any of the links that cover the year of the article you're looking for. 

Full text availability options

b. If it says no full text, click on the Request via Interlibrary Loan link. This will allow you to request the article from another library.

Screenshot of no full text available page

Get materials Brandeis doesn't have

If you need library materials that Brandeis does not have, Interlibrary Loan (or Resource Sharing) can help!

Start your research early! Please consult our Interlibrary Loan self-help guide for detailed information about our services and policies.

Plan ahead! Remember that it takes about 3-15 days to get books and 1-5 days for articles and book chapters. Rare and old materials can be harder to get.

If you need help locating and identifying rare, old, foreign, or unusual materials, including microfilm, please don't hesitate to contact the ILL staff. It is very helpful to discuss complex requests with ILL staff and makes it easier for us to order the correct items. Don't forget that we have Subject Liaisons waiting to help you if you need extra research help!

Scan on Demand (formerly Document Delivery)

The ILL department also offers a Scan on Demand service. So it you find an article or book chapter that Brandeis has in print, we will scan it for you! Just submit the request via the Interlibrary Loan system. We will also download and deliver electronic articles to you.

Purchase Suggestions

If you need a special resource (book, film, microfilm etc.) that is central to your research and Brandeis does not have it, please tell us because we might buy it for the Brandeis library collection. Then it will be here whenever you need it!

Visiting other Libraries

Brandeis belongs to the Boston Library Consortium (BLC). This includes many of the best libraries in the Boston and New England area. You may visit other BLC libraries in person to borrow or browse materials, but don't forget to obtain a BLC card before you go.

Loan Periods

ILL materials usually have shorter loan periods, one or two months is typical. Only one renewal is possible, and sometimes no renewals are allowed. Renewals are determined by the lending library, not us.

Please return all materials on time so we can maintain good relationships with other libraries. If you need a special item for a longer period, please contact us. We can usually help. We will ask the lender if they will allow us to keep it longer, or we might consider buying it for the library.