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Social Science Data Analysis

This guide includes useful resources for Social Science data analysis. It covers how to use different software for conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses.

What is R?

R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.

R is available as Free Software. You can download R using this link

The RStudio integrated development environment (IDE) is a separate piece of software that works with R to make it much more user friendly and also adds some helpful features.

You can download R Studio here:

Resources for Learning R: Brandeis Library Catalog

Online Resources

The UCLA's Advanced Research Computing R Guide contains tutorials and useful resources to learn R

R-bloggers. You will find posts, news and tutorials on R. 

Analytics Using R. Textbook by Margie Rosenberg from the Wisconsin School of Business that covers the major features of R.

Quick-R. A clear and well-organized R tutorial

Workshop Materials

You can visit for asynchronous materials on R, and other software