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Data Analysis

This guide includes useful resources for Social Science data analysis. It covers how to use different software for conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses.

What is R?

R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.

R is available as Free Software. You can download R using this link

RStudio is a separate piece of software that works with R to make it much more user friendly and also adds some helpful features.

You can download R Studio here:


Online Resources

The UCLA Academic Technology Services R resources page contains tutorials and useful resources to learn R

Germán Rodriguez from Princeton University, provides useful notes how to get started with R and how to fit linear and generalized linear models

R-bloggers. You will find posts, news and tutorials on R. 

Go to if you want to create graphs and charts using R. It has some sample codes to create cool visualization projects

R: A self-learn tutorial. Introduction from National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis at UC Santa Barbara

Statistics with R Computing and Graphics. You will find a 15-page introduction to R . By Kjell Konis, then at the University of Oxford

Little Book of R for Time Series. This is an useful resource to use R for analyzing data collected over time. By Avril Coghlan at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Instituie, Cambridge, U.K.

Introduction to ggplot2. 11-page introduction to ggplot2, by N. Matloff at UC Davis.

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