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Data Analysis

This guide includes useful resources for Social Science data analysis. It covers how to use different software for conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses.


Stata is a tool for data management and statistical analysis.

Faculty, staff and students at Brandeis can download the software


Online Resources

The UCLA Academic Technology Services Stata resources web page has many tutorials on how to use Stata. 

Germán Rodriguez, Princeton University, Stata resources also has a comprehensive overview of Stata, including data management, graphics and programming examples.

 The Statalist is an email listserver where more than 3,500 Stata users discuss all aspects of the program.  Stata Press  publishes excellent manuals on best-practices. The Stata Journal is also a great resource to learn how to use Stata effectively

Time series models (Stata). A brief introduction to times series using Stata

Durbin-Watson test for autocorrelation  "A test that the residuals from a linear regression or multiple regression are independent."

Durbin-Watson Significance Tables "The [DW] test statistic tests the null hypothesis that the residuals from an [OLS] regression are not Autocorrelated against the alternative that the residuals follow an AR1 process"

Propensit score matching using --teffects--".....Stata 13 introduced a new teffects command for estimating treatments effects in a variety of ways, including propensity score matching.....

Subject Guide

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