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Social Science Data Analysis

This guide includes useful resources for Social Science data analysis. It covers how to use different software for conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses.


Stata (pronounced either STATE-uh or STAT-uh) is a powerful software package capable of advanced statistical analysis, data management, and graphic representation of data.

Faculty, staff and students at Brandeis can download the software



Online Resources

The UCLA: Statistical Consulting Group web page has many tutorials and resources on how to use Stata. 

The University of Michigan Stata Workshop is another excellent resource for beginning and intermediate Stata users.

 The Statalist is an email listserver where more than 3,500 Stata users discuss all aspects of the program.  Stata Press  publishes excellent manuals on best-practices. The Stata Journal is also a great resource to learn how to use Stata effectively


Brandeis Workshops


Check out our Stata Workshops at Brandeis Library


If you'd like to request a workshop for a group, please fill out our request form.