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PSYC 52a: Research Methods

Resources and search tips for PSYC 52a: Research Methods


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Lauren Buckley

Find Psychology Articles in Library Databases

Find more databases on our Databases A to Z list.

Connect Google Scholar to Brandeis Library

Screenshot of Google Scholar settings page. Follow steps below.

1. Go to Google Scholar and click on "Settings" in the menu bar.

2. Click on "Library Links."

3. Type "Brandeis" into the search bar.

4. Select "Brandeis University - GetIt @ Brandeis!"

5. Click "Save."

Guide to PsycINFO Limiters

PsycINFO Search Tips -- Videos from APA

A quick search demonstration is worth a thousand words! Check out this playlist of search tips for PsycINFO.  Topics covered include:

  • finding three peer-reviewed, empirical articles;
  • how and why to use the thesaurus;
  • using the methodology limiter and classficiation codes;
  • and more!

Annual Reviews

Reading literature reviews published by other people is a way to quickly get up-to-date on the current research on your topic.