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Conflict Resolution and Coexistence (COEX)

Library & research resources for the Heller School MA Program in Conflict Resolution and Coexistience

Meet Your Librarian

Maric in front of the oceanMy name is Maric Kramer, and I'm your research librarian for the SID, COEX, and GHPM programs.  Together, we can:

  • Narrow or focus your research topic
  • Search for information sources related to your question or topic
  • Manage your citations and learn about APA style

Easy ways to get in touch with me:

  1. Email me.
  2. Book a research consultation. We can meet over Zoom video conference!

Other Heller School Programs

Enrolled in multiple degree programs?  Find library research guides for all Heller School programs at

Heller School programs are supported by me and my colleague Aimee Slater. You are free to contact either one of us!

Get Help with Data Analysis and GIS at Brandeis Library

Brandeis Library has specialists who can help you learn about quantitative and qualitative data analysis in the social sciences, as well as Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Check out the following guides to learn more!

Attend a Library Workshop

Library workshops are open to all! Please use the links above to RSVP for a session, and to view details including location.  You can also browse a full list of our workshops for the semester.

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