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Discourse & Social Learning


Virtual discourse and annotation can support a hybrid or fully online course both academically and socially. These activities can be completed as an in-class activity or asynchornously as reflection assignments. Encouraging discussion and collabortive annotation can help students build a sense of class community and promote a deeper understanding of course materials. Using tools such as Persuall and VoiceThread, students can open a PDF, webpage, image, or video, and then highlight on and share ideas about the course materials- all within the margins of the "text". Discussion forums are also a great way of encouraging discourse outside of the classtime, which provides the opportunity for all students to share their thoughts and reflections. 

In this guide, you will find suggestions for how to best use Dicussion Forums, Perusall, and VoiceThread, along with step-by-step directions of how to set up each activity in your LATTE course page.