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Welcome to a selective guide to the fundamental and essential resources necessary for undertaking undergraduate and graduate research in music and music-related topics. (Originally compiled by Darwin Scott)

Where are they?

Music books, bound journals, scores, and microforms are located on the 3d and 4th levels of the Farber Library.  Here's where to locate specific types of items:

  • Books and bound journals: begin on Farber 3 (including oversize) and continue onto Farber 4
  • Reference books: Farber 3 (Creative Arts Reference)
  • Scores: Farber 3
  • Oversize materials (+ precedes call no.): Oversized ML's and MT's are on Farber 3, oversized Ms are integrated, and ++M's/ML's are in the passageway between Farber 3 and Goldfarb 3
  • Microforms: Goldfarb 1 (behind the InfoCommons near the CDs)
  • Unbound periodicals: Farber 3 (Creative Arts periodicals area). Note: many music journals are now electronic only

Creative Arts Librarian

Find books and scores

OneSearch is your first option for locating books, scores, microfilms, journal titles and articles, sound recordings, and videos owned by Brandeis, as well as Web-based resources that are accessible via OneSearch (electronic books and journals, databases, and substantive Web sites selected by Brandeis librarians).

To locate music items, limit your results by Resource Type: Audio, Scores etc..

Online scores and sheet music

Online scores database


A fundamental resource to use and master for advanced research in music! Regard it as a super catalog.

  • Make use of the "Format" options for Music recordings or Musical scores to focus your results.
  • When searching for scores or sound recordings of generic forms of music, use plural instead of singular (quartets, symphonies, masses, motets, etc.)

Library of Congress classifications

Browse the virtual shelves of the library (print materials only): browse OneSearch by call no. (choose "By Library of Congress call numbers" from the drop-down menu). 

If it's not at the library