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Resources for Alumni

Recommended research resources for Brandeis Alumni.

Free Content

Most scholarly literature, especially articles from peer-reviewed journals, require expensive subscriptions. The search engines and databases below are free to use, and all content is freely available for download.

If you are a Massachusetts resident, you can access additional scholarly databases with a Boston Public Library card. See the Public Library tab for more information. 

Access to Brandeis Databases

The Goldfarb-Farber Library at Brandeis University is open to the public, including Brandeis alumni. Visitors can access most of our subscription databases (including scholarly, peer-reviewed journals) from computers in the Goldfarb InfoCommons.

If you have questions about what you can access from the InfoCommons computers, please contact Library Research Help

Alumni Association Database Access

Brandeis University Alumni Association membership includes access to JSTOR and ProjectMuse. Members can access these database through their B Connect accounts. 

If you have questions about your B Connect account or encounter a technical problem with these alumni database, please contact Alumni Relations

E-print (pre-print and post-print) repositories

Some scholarly journals allow authors to post an "e-print" version of their paper to an open repository, which can then be downloaded and read for free by anyone. Sometimes the posted version is a "pre-print," which is a full manuscript that has not yet undergone peer review.  A "post-print" is a full version of the manuscript which has undergone peer review in preparation for publication in a journal.  Both pre-print and post-print versions may differ from the final published article.

Limited Free Content

The search engines below are free to search, but some of the articles require expensive subscription costs. Please keep in mind that you might have to pay in order to access some of this content.