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UWS 16a: Sex and Advertising

Find Books, E-books, Book Chapters, and Articles

Find Journal Articles

Most of the following databases are on the EBSCO platform. This means that you can search them simultaneously. Open any of the databases using the links below, click on "Choose Databases," and select the ones that seem most relevant for your topic. For a demonstration, see the video EBSCO Power Search (7:36).

Brandeis Library OneSearch

You can also use Brandeis Library OneSearch to see if we have full-text access to an article or book.

Search Tips

  • Select Library Catalog to search for books and e-sources that Brandeis owns or can access directly.

  • Select Brandeis and More to get all of the above plus sources from other libraries you can easily request and receive within 24 hours for electronic articles and book chapters, or within a few days for books.  

  • Filters: When viewing a search results list, go to the bottom and switch to 50 results per page. Back at the top, check Peer Reviewed for academic/scholarly journal articles. This may exclude books and book chapters, so search for them separately. Filter results by date to focus on the newest research. 

  • Selecting Sources from a Results List. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see what you want immediately. As many as 100 or 200 results can be scanned quickly. If a title looks promising, right-click it to a new tab so you can continue scanning the list. When finished, go through the tabs you have opened. Scroll down to subject categories and abstract. Click to access or request full text. Add to your Zotero library.

Connect Google Scholar to Brandeis Library

Google Scholar is a simple place to search for full text because it allows you to search open access resources and the Brandeis library's subscriptions at the same time. It's also the easiest place to go for a "cited by" search, which allows you to see works that have cited the one you're looking at.

You can adjust your settings to connect Google Scholar to the Brandeis library, which will ensure that you'll get full access to Brandeis' subscriptions. Follow these steps to change your settings.

Alternatively, you can use the link above or the link on the library's Databases A-Z page. These links will automatically add Get It @ Brandeis links to Google Scholar.

Screenshot of Google Scholar settings page. Follow steps below.

1. Go to Google Scholar and click on "Settings" in the menu bar.

2. Click on "Library Links."

3. Type "Brandeis" into the search bar.

4. Select "Brandeis University - GetIt @ Brandeis!"

5. Click "Save."