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* Faculty Quick Start


This area is used to describe the process that is needed for instructors in setting up assignments for students in the proper format for the ease of grading. The goal is to give students specific directions on how to submit their work so that it does not cause any server issues.


Learning Objective: Assist faculty in setting up their course permissions for students to submit their work in a Box or Drive format.


We have a couple of examples of pairing a formatted PDF with links to link-hosted files:

Quick Guide Tools for Students
Brandeis Faculty Support Services


It is important to set the links in box to "Anyone with the link can download - no sign-in required"
If there's an item that is a Google Doc to share, it is best to "Publish" the Google Doc, and share the published version.

An example of this is the Publishing Files as Web Pages link.


Brandeis has a link re-direction service. A How Do I document is listed here to help you to do the basic operations in your course.

It just takes a help ticket with the URLs and what you want the "go.brandeis" links to say.