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Chemistry information resources, both electronic and print, available at Brandeis University.

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Access SciFinder

Bookmark this link to log into SciFinder from off-campus. The VPN will not work for SciFinder and many other library databases.

Introducing SciFinder-n

About SciFindern

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) is rolling out a new version of SciFinder called SciFindern. It offers an updated interface with some added features. 

Recorded Webinar

CAS offered a live demo for the Brandeis community in May 2020. View recording

Access to Traditional SciFinder

CAS is phasing out the previous version of SciFinder, but we will have access to both versions temporarily. 

Login Info

Your existing SciFinder credentials will work for the new platform. (See registration instructions below if you don't have a SciFinder login yet). 

Register for SciFinder Web

SciFinder Registration

You must register for an individual account to access SciFinder.

Register for SciFinder

  • You must have an active Brandeis affiliation
  • You must use your Brandeis email address to register

*If you had a SciFinder account at a previous institution, you must create a new one with your Brandeis email address to use it at Brandeis. CAS is generally not able to transfer your account information when you move to a new institution.*

SciFinder Help

Technical and account support

CAS Help Desk 1-800-848-6533


System recommendations and requirements

SciFindern tutorials and documentation

SciFindern FAQs

SciFindern training and webinars

Legacy SciFinder tutorials and documentation

SciFinder training materials