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HSSP102: Global Perspectives on Health

Guide to Selected Sources in Global Health

General Search for US Government Information

Congressional Research Service (CRS)

The CRS, a division of the Library of Congress, provides policy and legal analysis to representatives and senators in Congress.  CRS reports are renown for authoritative, objective, and non-partisan research but are not directly released to the public.  CRS reports are available in several online collections including:

GIS - Geographical Information Systems

GIS, or geographical information systems, is a way to display data using maps. 

Need Help with Data Analysis?

Top Sources for Country Profiles & Statistics

International Data Sources

World DataBank
The World Bank is an international non-governmental organization aimed at ending extreme poverty. The World DataBank is a portal to the World Bank's large collection of data and includes statistics that are searchable by country, indicators, or topic. Tools are available to customize maps, charts, and other types of reports based on data.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)
The IHME is an independent global health research center at the University of Washington, includes country profiles, infographics, and the useful Global Burden of Disease Data Visualization Tool.

WHO Country Profiles
The World Health Organizaiton (WHO) is the United Nations' agency devoted to global health. The WHO's country profiles include data and statistics organized by country.

UNDP Human Development Data
Statistics on international development, including gender, health, and poverty, from the United Nations Development Programme. Includes country profiles and an interactive data visualization tool.

Gapminder World
Gapminder is a "fact tank" from Sweden. Gapminder World is an easy-to-use, interactive data portal that displays various development and health indicators by country. 

Global Health Council
The GHC is an international membership organization for global health professionals. Their site includes useful publications such as research reports, advocacy briefs, and white papers.

Allows side-by-side comparison of statistics from multiple countries.



U.S. Government Data Sources

CIA World Factbook
The Central Intelligence Agency's World Factbook provides statistics on countries all around, pulling data from censuses, surveys, and other government information sources.

CDC Global Health
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control's Global Health page includes country profiles and other information on global health issues.

USAID Global Health
USAID is the U.S. government agency devoted to ending global poverty, and this global health page includes information on their health initiatives.

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