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ENG 168B: Plotting Inheritance

Google My Maps workshop guide for Prof. Faith Smith's Spring 2024 offering of ENG 168B: Plotting Inheritance

Introduction to Google My Maps

The following guide provides instructions on how to create, edit, and collaborate on a custom Google Map for Prof. Faith Smith's Spring 2024 offering of ENG 168B: Plotting Inheritance. Any key workflows outlined in this guide will also be covered during the in-class library session on January 25, 2024. This guide will continued to be updated throughout the semester as needed.

Sign in to Google My Maps


System Requirements

If you need to create a map or edit your class map in My Maps, you'll need to use a computer (PC or Mac) when adding content. You can't access the My Maps builder on a mobile device. You'll also need an internet connection to use My Maps, since it doesn't work in offline mode. 

Note: If you just need to view a published map, you can do so from your phone or tablet. It's just the builder mode that can't be used on a mobile device.

Online Help Resources


Get Help at Brandeis Library

Use Google Maps with your Brandeis account

Some users may need to turn on an additional permission in order to use Google Maps with their Brandeis account. If you can't access Google Maps with your Brandeis account, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Select Manage My Account then scroll down to Additional Google Services.

  3. On the Additional Services page, click the Turn On Additional Google Services button located at the bottom of the page.