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ENG 168B: Plotting Inheritance

Google My Maps workshop guide for Prof. Faith Smith's Spring 2024 offering of ENG 168B: Plotting Inheritance

Share a Map

  1. Click Share to edit the sharing permissions for your map.

    Share Map
  2. Click Share on Drive to provide editing access to your classmates. Change the general access options if you want to provide view-only access to people outside of your class.

    Add people who need editing access. Check who currently has access to the map. Change the general access settings if you want to provide view-only access to people at Brandeis or the general public.
  3. Optional: Click the gear icon to adjust additional permission settings.
    Gear icon

Collaborate on a Map

Once a map has been shared with you, you'll be able to edit it alongside your classmates. If you and your classmates are simultaneously editing a map, you may need to click your browser's refresh button to see their changes.

Like any digital tool, there's always a chance for data loss. You can minimize the risk of data loss by coordinating updates with classmates. Don't try to simultaneously edit the same place marker as a classmate. Talk to each other about workflows, timelines, and the updates you're making to location markers and map layers. 

If you're worried about data loss, you can make copies of your class collaborative map. Creating a copy of a map can be helpful if you need to create a backup copy.  It can also function as a place to test out different designs before adding your finalized locations to the class map. 

Copy a Map

  1. You can create a copy of a map by clicking the Menu button (three vertical dots), then Copy Map. 

    Copy Map.
  2. A copy of the map will be saved in your Google My Maps account.

Preview a Map

  1. Click the preview button to preview the view-only version of your map. This is how your map will look to others when it's viewed outside of editing mode.

    Preview Map.
  2. Check how your locations appear in view-only mode. Any media and descriptions you've added to a location will display in the sidebar pane when you click on a location marker on your map.
  3. Click Edit to return to editing mode.

Delete a Map

If you want to delete a map that you own, it will be moved to your trash can in Google Drive. It will be recoverable until you permanently delete it. Collaborators will also be able to create copies of the map before you permanently delete it.

Embed a Map

You can embed publicly-shared My Maps into external websites. This method can be helpful if you want to build out more narrative and integrate other types of media into your final digital projects. 

  1. Click the Menu button (three vertical dots) that's located next to your map's title.
  2. Select Embed on my site. A pop-up window will appear with the iframe embed code that you can copy and paste onto your site. The pop-up window will also provide the option for you to include the name and profile pic from the map owner in the header information for your map.

    Embed code pop-up window.