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SOC 18a: Observing the Social World: Doing Qualitative Sociology

Research tips and resources for SOC 18a.

Find Sociology Articles in Library Databases

Find more on our Databases A-Z: Sociology page.

Annual Reviews

Need Some Background Information?

American Sociological Association: Sections

What is "Peer Review?"

Peer Review in Three Minutes by NCSU Libraries is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US.

Find more short videos by NCSU Libraries at their website.

Get Atlas.ti for Qualitative Data Analysis

Atlas.ti is one of the CAQDAS (Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software) programs.

It is a useful tool for supporting the process of qualitative data analysis. You will be able to analyze textual, graphical, audio and video data.

Students, faculty and staff at Brandeis can get ATLAS.ti  from the ITS online software store for free


Atlas.ti Training and Video Tutorials

Transcription Tools

Automatically transcribe your recordings using one of the following tools that you have access to through Brandeis. Both services allow you to edit transcriptions.

Access these and other software tools from the ITS website.