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Brandeis Library OneSearch

Getting Started with Your Search

When searching in a library database or library catalog, it's helpful to identify key concepts or search terms. The following search strategies can be used in Brandeis Library OneSearch and in our library databases.

  • Put quotation marks (" ") around keywords to search for an exact phrase; for example, "higher education".
  • Use AND between keywords to narrow your search results; for example, charter schools AND Massachusetts.
  • Use OR between keywords to broaden your results; for example, "individualized education program" OR IEP.

Use an asterisk (*) if you'd like to find multiple endings of a word root; for example, educat* will find educate, educator, education, educating, etc.

New Teacher Survival Guide

Browse our Collection: Education Call Numbers

L Education(General)
LA History of education
LB Theory and practice of education
LC Special aspects of education
LD Individual Institutions - United States
LE Individual Institutions - America (except U.S.)
LF Individual Institutions - Europe
LG Individual Institutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands
LH College and school magazines & papers
LJ Student fraternities - United States
LT Textbooks 


Our picture book collection and the majority of our education titles are located on Goldfarb Level 1. Some subject-specific titles (e.g., math education or art education) are shelved in separate areas of the library.

PLEASE NOTE: Oversize materials (+ in front of the call number) are shelved separately from the regular sized materials.