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* Student Quick Start


The Dashboard is the place where all of your current and previous courses are. Keep in mind that your current courses are listed under the current semester while your previous courses are listed below the current courses in their appropriate semesters.

The Quick Start Guide adds more details on accessing courses in LATTE.

How To

Learning Objective: Assist students in learning how to use the features of the Dashboard in LATTE


Customizing Your Dashboard

Your dashboard is unique to you and is customizable. Many blocks on the page are set by the university and cannot be removed. However, you could reorganize your current blocks or add new blocks to make the dashboard the most useful for your own personal preferences.

To start customizing your dashboard, click the Customise this page button in the top right corner of your Dashboard. You must do this in order to see either of the options below.

Screenshot of the dashboard page showing the location of the Customise this page button in the upper right corner

Reorganize Your Blocks

Locate the block you want to move. Click down and hold the arrows icon in the upper right area of the block and drag it to your target location. Single clicking the icon without holding will open a menu of locations to move the block which may be unclear and confusing. 

Add New Blocks

Scroll down your dashboard page until you see Add a Block at the bottom of the left column. This should be the final block in this column and is not visible unless you're customizing the dashboard.

1. Click Add to expand the menu of available blocks. Any blocks that you already have on your dashboard won't be displayed in this list. 

2. Click the name of the block you want to add, wait for the page to refresh and redirect, and the block will be added to your page. You may need to look around your dashboard to locate the block if you don't immediately see it.

3. You can then move it to a new location following the Reorganize Your Blocks instructions above.


Delete Blocks

If you've added a block and don't like or want it, you can delete it. Please note that many blocks are set by the university and cannot be removed. 

  1. Locate the block you want to move.
  2. Click the Actions menu  icon in the upper right corner of the block then click  Delete [name] block.