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Archival Resources of Brandeis University

This guide will help you discover the University's archival resources and how to use them. From primary sources to Brandeis publications to digitized materials, your archival research starts here.

University Archivist

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Maggie McNeely
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The Justice at the Internet Archive

The Justice online!

Where to find The Justice online depends on the date you need and how you want to use it.


Sept 1949- May 2004. For the longest range of dates available see The Justice on the Internet Archive

Please note that the keyword searching function does not work on the flip book version and that the PDF version takes a while to download. Because of this we recommend that the collection be used much the same way you would read an actual newspaper by flipping page by page. Each digitized “reel” of film comprises a range of dates, usually one to three years.


Sept 1949- May 1970. For easy access to a searchable version see The Justice on the Brandeis Institutional Repository

Each issue here is a separate PDF. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view it, and it may ask you to save the download the issue before reading. This is a newly available product and we are very interested to hear your feedback on its usability.


2001-present. For online archives to the text of articles see the archives of The Justice Newspaper

The quick search function is fast for finding keywords, and the result is web text, not the newspaper iteself.


Please let us know if you have trouble using these products.