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E-Resources Help

Having trouble accessing an e-journal or database?

500 error message

These errors usually occur when a link is bad on the web site, please contact us at to update the link. Or you may have bookmarked a link that has changed. If that's the case then please try searching the library catalog, Databases A-Z, or the Find Journals A-Z list.

EZproxy host error message

When I click on a link to an electronic resource I get the following error message.


There was a problem with access to: [URL of resource]

Unfortunately, the electronic resource you have requested is not recognized by our database access system. Library and Technology Services apologizes for the problem. Please report this issue using this link: [Contact Us button]

The system administrator will work to correct the problem and then notify you.

What does this mean and how can I access the resource?


This message means that the electronic resource needs to be added to our proxy system. If you get this error message, please click the Contact Us button or send an email to  Please tell us the name of the electronic resource you were trying to access and how you tried to access it (through Databases A-Z, OneSearch, eJournals A-Z list, etc.) We will notify you when the problem has been resolved.

Page cannot be displayed error

Please try clearing the cache on your browser. If you need help clearing your cache, please see clearing cache instructions.

Access Denied Error Message

I am getting an “Access Denied” message when I try to access a database.

Our subscription to this database may have a limit of simultaneous users and there may already be the maximum number of users logged in. Try again in a little while. You may need to clear the cache and delete your cookies. If you are still getting the message, please contact us or email

Temporary proxy password message/ERROR Cache Access Denied

I got a pop-up box telling me that I need a temporary proxy password (not my Brandeis login). What is this and how can I access the database?

You may need to clear the cache and delete your cookies in your web browser. It may also be a configuration issue with your browser.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, please contact us or email with a description of the problem.