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Guide for Undergraduate Thesis Writers at Brandeis

This guide will help Juniors and Seniors engaged in a thesis writing project at Brandeis University.

Starting Places for Research

When you're starting your research you'll want to use a general database. This is a database that is designed to cover many subject areas all at once! These databases are great starting points since they contain just a little bit of everything. The most recommended general databases are listed below!

Once you get a little deeper into your research you may need a "subject specific" database, or a database that has material from only one subject areas.

The fastest way to determine if a database is useful is to see if it is recommended by the librarian in your subject area! However you may soon discover that you need to branch out from the main subject area in which you are doing research. In that case you will want to use the Subjects dropdown (All Subjects dropdown image) on the Find Databases page to find other recommended databases in other subject areas. 

All databases in our Find Databases page also have a short description that can help you determine if the database will be useful to you. 

Recommended Databases

General Databases

Subject Specific Databases

Finding Theses and Dissertations


  • Looking at senior theses submitted in prior years can help you to get a sense of what your own thesis might look like. 
  • Dissertations often contain an extensive literature review, so looking over cited references can help ensure that your own literature review is comprehensive. 
  • If you are looking for published scholarly articles, the research guide in your subject will have some suggestions.