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Instructor Guide: Assessment for Credit

Guidance for instructors teaching the Assessment for Credit courses in the OSTM program

Description of Assessment

After completing both micro-courses within a topic area, students may apply to earn university graduate-level credit through an Assessment for Credit.

Students will complete a portfolio project under the direction of a Brandeis GPS faculty member. The final portfolio project will consist of a reflective paper with supporting attachments. It should be a compilation of the coursework and independent research that communicates the extent to which they understand and can apply the knowledge, skills, and values of Open Source Software.

Students will receive an elective course credit (3 credits) for each assessment they complete. This credit may be used towards a Master of Science degree at Brandeis Graduate Professional Studies or a graduate degree at an institution of their choice. 

Faculty Role and Expectations

Faculty Mentors advise and grade all students who have enrolled in the chosen assessment. Students may opt to complete the assessment for any of the three topics for which they are eligible. Students can only work on one assessment at a time, but can complete more than one during the time period if time permits. There will be only one graded deliverable per graduate-level credit requirement. 

Faculty are contracted to work with students within a certain time period and will work with all students who apply for the Assessment for Credit module. This is similar to the directed study model currently used in other Brandeis GPS programs. 

As faculty in the OSTM program, you are expected to:

  • Ensure the course documents and LATTE course shell are up to date, reflecting accurate course dates, assignment due dates, live meeting dates and access information, and active resource links.
  • Post a welcome message via LATTE on the weekend before the course start date.
  • Regularly monitor the Private Forums, responding to questions and messages in a timely manner.
  • Provide meaningful feedback to each student's milestone (as applicable) and final portfolio submission.
  • Submit students' grades to the Registrar at the end of each GPS term.
  • Reach out for help when you need it.


The time period when faculty are contracted to mentor students and grade assessments follows the GPS academic calendar which has four sessions per academic year. The four GPS sessions start in January, April, July, and October.

The faculty mentor will consult with the student to determine how they will coordinate students’ work within this timeframe. Deadlines for each Portfolio will be one month (30 days) after the start of the agreed-upon date by instructor and student.

Students have up to one year after completing the final micro-course in a topic area to apply to take an Assessment for Credit.