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* DA/TA Quick Start


DA/TA Quick Start Guide is a guide that will assist DAs and TAs as they work with faculty in creating their course shell for the upcoming session. This Guide can be used for all courses that will be hosted in LATTE. This guide provides an overview of the LATTE, how to set up course content and assessment tools, and tips for working with faculty members.

Documentation for Spring 2021 LATTE Shell

The Restore and Import steps can only be completed in LATTE by the Instructor and Academic Administrator Roles. The Grading TA role can personalize the course shell.

Please use this below link for more information on how to customize the shell.


Learning objective: Learn about tools and features in LATTE so that you can assist faculty members in setting up their course pages. 

ITS has developed the Learn LATTE course which offers a collection of tutorials and reference documents about LATTE. When you get to the site, agree to the self-enroll button (if it pops up). This will enroll you for 6 months into the Learn LATTE tutorial course, after which you are welcome to click on the same link to re-enroll yourself. 

While all of the content in the Learn LATTE course is helpful, the sections in this Library guide will direct you towards the pages that will be particularly relevant for your work as a Digital Assistant.