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How to Customize the LATTE Shell

A guide to the Fall 2021 LATTE Shell


Welcome to the LATTE Shell Library Guide! 

This guide will walk you through the technical steps to customize the Shell to meet your course needs. Please click on the tabs on the side navigation to learn more about each topic. Within each, you will find detailed instructions and resources to support the setup of your LATTE course. Visit the Changelog to view the edits made to the Fall 2021 Shell and the FAQs page to read the answers to frequently asked questions.  

What is the Shell?

The LATTE Shell refers to the general course outline or framing template that gives a blank LATTE course some structure and design, primarily through the use of “Labels” that act as headers and dividers. If you click into the Fall 2021 LATTE Shell you can see that this is prepopulated with headers and a weekly structure that helps students stay oriented inside the course. This updated LATTE shell incorporates many improvements based on faculty input and has received positive feedback from students. Instructors can make any changes to the topic structure and naming conventions to make the shell outline fit their class needs. You can view examples of possible adjustments to the shell by self-enrolling into the sample course that shows various course organization formats.

Library Support

Instructional Technologists and Learning Designers have joined the Library to provide additional support for in-person, online, and hy-flex teaching, including:

  • customizing the LATTE shell to meet your course needs
  • pedagogical approaches for using LATTE tools (e.g., LATTE quizzes, surveys, assignments)
  • academic technologies including VoiceThread, H5P, Voyant, Twine, and Perusall