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Researching Waltham: Resources for Research, Teaching, and Learning

A collection of resources about the City of Waltham to help students, faculty, and other partners engage with their surrounding community.

Historical Maps of Waltham

To explore the layout and structure of Waltham has developed over time, refer to the following assortment of historical maps.

Map Left: Waltham, 1849

Map Center: Waltham, 1854

Map Right: Waltham, 1873

Images from: The Digital Commonwealth

Modern Maps of Waltham

Looking to enjoy the City of Waltham today? Use the links below to view the city and its current offerings.

Create Your Own

Using online mapping tools, you will be able to create your own maps to highlight geospatial data that is relevant for your specific project. For members of the Brandeis community, the Brandeis Library provides free access to the tools below.

Need More Help?

For more information about mapping, geospatial data, and other resources, contact Alex Willett, the GIS and Social Sciences Librarian at the Brandeis Library. Below, you will also find links to the various mapping guides that Alex and the Library have already created.