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A basic guide to using EndNote for PC and Mac

Annotating PDFs in EndNote

You can highlight, annotate, and write comments in the EndNote PDF reader.  This way, you can keep your annotations, highlights and notes right with your citations in one handy location!

How to Find Full Text

*Before you begin, make sure you have your Find Full Text preferences set up to search Brandeis Library databases*

  • Go to Preferences (PC: Edit > Preferences; Mac: EndNote X9 > Preferences)
  • Select Find Full Text
  • Copy these URLs into the corresponding boxes:
    • Open URL Path:
    • Authenticate with URL:
  • Click Save or Okay

How to see if Brandeis has full text for your existing references:

*note: this process may take several minutes*

  1. Highlight the citations you want to find full text for.
  2. Click on the Find Full Text button 
    1. (you can also go References > Find Full Text Find Full Text)

  1. You will be prompted to Login to Brandeis
    1. Sometimes a scripts error will pop-up, click ok/yes/allow
  2. Click Continue
  3. Now EndNote will begin searching for full text. You can see this process occur on the left-hand menu

  1. If the Find Full Text feature finds the full text for your citations, a PDF will be attached to the citation. 
    1. Depending on your layout preferences, you may also see a preview of the PDF: 

Some Tips

  • You can set your preferences for EndNote to run Find Full Text automatically by going to Edit > Preferences > Find Full Text and checking the box labeled: 
  1. "Automatically invoke Find Full Text on newly-imported references"
  2. Click Apply and then OK

  • Need to find that pdf file?

When EndNote attaches a pdf file to a citation, it saves a copy of that pdf to the data library file in a folder labeled PDF.

Depending on where you saved your library, the file path will be something like this: C:\Users\Documents\My EndNote Library.Data\PDF\

  • You can import multiple pdf files at once by selecting File > Import > Folder… and then choosing a folder in which you have multiple pdf files saved.