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A basic guide to using EndNote for PC and Mac

Two Ways to Add References Manually

  • Type in a reference. Click References-->New Reference
  • Import a reference from databases such as JStor, GoogleScholar, etc.
  1. Search the article you want.
  2. Select the citation you want to save.
  3. Look for a Save/Export/Download option.
  4. Choose “Save to Endnote” or similar option. If you don’t see an EndNote option, look for an option to save /download the reference in RIS format. 
  5. If EndNote is open, it will automatically save the citation to your library. If you downloaded a RIS file, import the file to your library.

Creating References from PDFs

You may already have PDFs on your computer that you had previously downloaded from Databases. You can import them to EndNote and EndNote will try to create new citations for them.

  1. Click on File --> Import 

  2. you can choose to import a single PDF (choose File) or a folder of PDFs (choose Folder)

  3. From the ensuing Import File box choose the PDF (or folder of PDFs) you wish to import and select PDF as the Import Option

*If the PDF has available citation Metadata, EndNote will create a new citation and attach it to the imported PDF. If EndNote finds no available Metadata, it will mere import the pdf. Not to fear, you can then edit the citation manually from there by adding the needed fields.