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Many of the choices you make while building your LATTE course can determine its overall accessibility. Here are some recommendations to help guide you. Note that LATTE also offers tools at the user level to make your own experience of creating or viewing the course more accessible.

Text content

Using best practices for formatting when adding text can make the content more accessible. 

  • Use headings/styles and follow a logical outline
  • Make links descriptive
  • Add alt text for images
  • Voice and video options
  • Text size and/or color should not be used for emphasis or to convey other information
  • Choose embedding over linking
  • Use bullets or numbering options

Using Pages

Better alternative to uploading a Word document or PDF

More accessible for screen readers

Responsive sizing for mobile devices


When requesting course videos through the LATTE Videos block, always include subtitles/captions in your request. Transcripts and audio description also available on a per-case basis.

When choosing videos from the web - for example, YouTube videos and TED talks - choose the captioned version, if it exists.

When creating original videos in Echo360, review the automatically-generated transcript for accuracy. You can then apply the transcript to the video as captions, as well.

LATTE Accessibility Block

The LATTE Accessibility block is part of the default course template. It can also be added through the “Add A Block” tool when editing is turned on. It's a great tool to improve the accessibility of your course, as it allows each individual student to optimize their view of the course page and access the ATbar's tools.

The different buttons in the Accessibility block modify the appearance of the course page for the individual user. Users can:

  • Increase font
  • Change the contrast
  • Launch the ATbar

The ATbar contains several additional tools. When launched, the ATbar can:

  • Magnify text
  • Change font and spacing
  • Spell checker
  • Dictionary
  • Text to Speech
  • Change page style, colors, and contrast
  • Add a color overlay

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