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A label serves as a spacer on a Moodle course page. It can be used to add text, images, multimedia or code in between other resources in the different sections. It is a very versatile resource and can help to improve the appearance of a course if used thoughtfully. Banners or descriptions may be added to labels to distinguish between and highlight different areas. (Moodle Docs)

See the link below for more directions on how to set up labels in your course.

How to Populate a Topic with Labels

New topics will be empty when they are added, with none of the labels that were created for the shell. You can make copies of the decorative labels and other content from existing topics by expanding a nearby topic, then clicking Edit  and  Duplicate on each item to be copied.

Note: Only Instructors can duplicate items at this time.

The expanded Edit menu of a label, with the Duplicate option highlighted in gray.

The new labels can then be moved into the new topic either by drag-and-drop, or by clicking on the arrows icon next to each label and choosing its new position from a list. This is done in the same way as moving a topic, except that the list of available positions for an activity or resource item is much longer.


If you would like to additionally customize divider labels and icons in the LATTE Shell, please contact for instructions and resources. 

You can also explore the LATTE Shell Sample Course for more ideas on how to customize topics and labels.