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*Environmental Studies

A guide for starting your research in Environmental Studies.

Strategies for Finding Data

Data and statistics for environmental studies and climate change research can be produced by researchers in a variety of disciplines. The sources you use will differ depending on the scope of your topic, the area(s) of the world you're focusing on, and the type of analysis you're conducting, etc. Here are some examples of places where you may find data and statistics on your topic:

  • Online data repositories. These could be for specific countries (e.g.,, organizations (e.g., the United Nations), or topics (e.g., GBIF's Biodiversity Data).
  • Peer-reviewed articles that include primary scientific research.
  • Technical reports and other grey literature published by relevant disciplines.
  • Reference sources for environmental studies & related disciplines.

Environmental Studies Data & Statistics

Geospatial Data Sources

Additional data sources, including geospatial data sources, are available in our GIS Data Guide: