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Locating Full Text Articles at Brandeis Library from Zotero

To get the full text of articles in your Zotero library, set up OpenURL to connect with Brandeis Library OneSearch. To set this up, go to Zotero's Preferences Window and click the Advanced pane In the General tab, look for the heading labeled OpenURL. In the field labeled "Resolver," copy/paste the following URL, and then close the window:

"Advanced" pane of Zotero's Preferences Window. Arrow pointing to Resolver text box.

Once the OpenURL resolver is set up, you can open the Locate menu on any reference in your Zotero library and select the "Library Lookup" option to search for full-text articles in our Brandeis databases.

Screenshot depicting the Locate menu 

Opening Brandeis Library E-books from Zotero

If you want to open an e-book from Zotero that you found using OneSearch, use the Locate menu to choose "View Online," rather than "Library Lookup." This will bring up the e-book.

Zotero's Locate menu with View Online option highlighted

Recommendation: Disable Proxy Redirection

If you are getting an error accessing a resource, another thing to check is whether you have any browser extensions such as Zotero installed. The auto-proxy setting in Zotero Connector may be interfering with access to certain resources.

To change the setting, if using Chrome, go into your Chrome extensions menu (Preferences, Extensions), find Zotero Connector, click Details, then Extension options, then Proxies to open up the proxy setting. In Firefox, go to Preferences, Extensions & Themes, find Zotero Connector, click the three dots>Preferences, then Proxies.

Once you're in the Proxy settings, remove any saved proxies in the Configured Proxies box by selecting the proxy and clicking the minus sign (-), and uncheck the boxes for "Enable proxy redirection" and "Automatically detect new proxies."