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Collect, organize, cite and share your research with this free software.

Zotero Tutorials

Brandeis library Zotero tutorials are available via Kaltura, in the embedded playlists below.

You can also click the following links to access the playlists directly: Zotero for Mac and PC, Zotero for iPad, Zotero for Chromebook.

These tutorials cover everything from getting your computer, iPad, or Chromebook set up for Zotero to using Zotero to insert citations into your final paper. Although Zotero the program is very similar between Mac and PC, it is quite different on iPad and Chromebook! Our tutorials cover all platforms. Look for the set up video that matches your technology to get started.

An accessible Google Doc covering the basics of Zotero, from installation to creating citations, is also available at this link.

Zotero for Mac or Windows PC

Zotero for iPad

Zotero for Chromebook