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ArcGIS StoryMaps

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What's New in ArcGIS StoryMaps

ArcGIS StoryMaps logo.
ArcGIS StoryMaps is an online digital storytelling platform that can be used for individual and group digital projects. The StoryMaps builder provides an intuitive interface for users to integrate narrative content, interactive maps, and audiovisual material into a digital storytelling project. StoryMaps can be used on its own or with content created in other ArcGIS products.

In this Guide

Get Started

Our institutional subscription to ArcGIS StoryMaps can be accessed via Brandeis ArcGIS Online or the ArcGIS StoryMaps public website

via Brandeis ArcGIS Online

  1. Go to Brandeis ArcGIS Online.

  2. Click the Brandeis University login option. You will be directed to Brandeis login page where you can sign in with your Brandeis credentials.
    Brandeis ArcGIS Online Sign-in Page.

  3. Then, on the Brandeis ArcGIS Online homepage, click the App launcher menu Apps menu launcher. to view a list of Esri apps. Scroll down the list and click StoryMaps to launch the software in a new browser tab.
    StoryMaps logo.

via ArcGIS StoryMaps Public Site

  1. Go to ArcGIS StoryMaps site.
  2. Sign in using the Your ArcGIS organization's URL option. Type brandeis into the text box, then click Continue. You will be redirected to the Brandeis login page, where you can sign into StoryMaps using your Brandeis credentials.

    Sign in with Your ArcGIS Organization's URL

    Important: You can't sign into your Brandeis StoryMaps account with the ArcGIS login. You must use the Your ArcGIS organization's URL login to access your account.

Outline your Story Map

The following resources can help you get started with outlining your story map, identifying key materials that you'll need to collect, etc.

Example StoryMaps

Are you looking for some ideas for how to present content in ArcGIS StoryMaps? Check out some of these story maps and the variety of design methods that the authors used. You can view story maps created by Brandeis students in our Brandeis ArcGIS Online homepage gallery (Brandeis login required).