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ArcGIS StoryMaps

Add a Sidecar Block

The Sidecar Content block is one of the more frequently used content blocks for student story map projects since it provides a lot of flexibility in design.

  1. In the StoryMaps builder, click (+) to add a new content block, then select Sidecar.
    Sidecar content block.
  2. Select the layout for your Sidecar block: Docked, Floating, or Slideshow. The docked format works best if you want to add more text or contextual information alongside the media in the sidecar block. The floating and slideshow blocks work better if you want to showcase media with minimal accompanying text. If you don't like the initial layout that you selected, you can change it after you add the sidecar block to your story map.


Docked Sidecar Block

Sidecar Docked Layout.

The Docked Sidecar block includes:

  • Docked sidebar panel: Add text, media, map actions, etc.
  • Media panel: Add an image, web map or express map, video, swipe block, embed content, etc. 
  • Slide options: Click the ellipses (...) on an individual slide to view more options, including the option to embed background audio to a slide.
  • Sidecar More Options menu: Click the ellipses (...) for the overall Sidecar block to change the layout for your Sidecar block, delete / duplicate the Sidecar block, etc.
  • Add New Slide: Click New Slide (+) to add new slides to your sidecar block. Each slide can showcase a new piece of media. You change the overall size and placement of each slide panel if you want to highlight some pieces of media more than others.