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ArcGIS StoryMaps

Add a Map Tour

ArcGIS StoryMaps provides two major layouts for the map tour content block: Guided Tour and Explorer Tour. You can use the quick start options in StoryMaps to automatically add a guided tour or explorer tour content block to your story map or you can add it later in the story maps builder.

  1. In the StoryMaps builder, click (+) to add a new content block, then select Map tour.
    Add Map Tour content block.
  2. You can build your tour from scratch, from a collection of photos (geotagged photos will be automatically added to the map), or from an ArcGIS Online feature layer.
  3. You will be prompted to select your map tour layout: Guided Tour or Explorer Tour. You can change your layout later. Once you select a general layout, you can then further customize the layout's design:
    • Guided Tour: Media-focused or Map-focused
    • Explorer Tour: List or Grid format

Story Map Tutorials

Create a Guided Tour

Overview of Guided Tour content block.

Map Tour Content Block (Guided Tour)

When you design a guided tour, each location on your tour will have its own slide and customization options. On the left-hand side of the guided tour block, you can add content to the following fields:

  • Add image or video: Upload or link to an image or video of your site.
  • Title and description: Add a text description, embed an audio file, or link to additional content.
  • Add location: Click the Add Location button to open the map viewer screen. You can manually add a tour point on your map or use the search bar to search for a tour location by street address or latitude / longitude coordinates.

Click the Ellipses (...) at the bottom of the Guided Tour block if you want to change your layout from a Guided Tour to an Explorer Tour, change the numbering of your tour points, duplicate or delete your tour block.
Guided Tour Block : Options Menu.

Click the Plus Icon (+) at the lower right-hand side of the Guided tour block to add a new slide to your tour. Each stop on your guided tour will have its own slide. 
Add New Slide.


Guided Tour: Map Options

Click the Map Options button at the upper-right side of your Guided Tour block to further customize your guided tour. The Map Options menu is where you'll enable some key features for your guided tour, including the option for users to use GPS on their devices to see where they're located in relation to your tour points.
Guided Tour: Map Options

Guided Tour: Map Options Menu

The Map Options menu for the Guided Tour block lets you configure the following settings: 

Guided Tour Options Menu

  • Map Type: 2d maps or 3d scenes. You'll only be using 2d maps for your assignment.
  • Current location (small screens): This setting must be enabled if you want users to be able to see their current location in relation to your tour points. Once it's enabled, a Find my Location icon will display on the map for users who are using small mobile devices.
    Find My Location.
  • Show progress lines (guided tour): This setting will draw progress lines on the map as a user moves through the points on your guided tour.

Change Basemap

You can also use the Map Options menu to change your guided tour's basemap (background reference map), point color, and initial zoom level. You will want to select a basemap and point color that effectively showcase your data. Think about what information will be helpful for viewers of your guided tour (e.g., a basemap with street names, a tour point color that has a high enough contrast so it's easy for viewers to see on the map) and what information isn't important. You can select a basemap from the StoryMaps basemap gallery, ArcGIS Online, or Esri Living Atlas of the World.

Select Basemap.


How to Choose a Basemap from the Living Atlas of the World