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ArcGIS StoryMaps

Alumni Access

Access to Brandeis ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS StoryMaps, and other Esri products is restricted to current Brandeis students, faculty, and staff. Our licensing agreement does not cover alumni access so you will lose access to ArcGIS products upon graduation.

Account Deactivation Process

When your ArcGIS account is deactivated, you will lose your ability to sign-in to the software, so you will no longer be able to update your content. Our current practice is to deactivate accounts without deleting user content, so any content that's saved in your Brandeis ArcGIS Online account will remain in your account after deactivation, with a few exceptions (see below). Content that's publicly shared will continue to be accessible to non-Brandeis viewers after your account is deactivated.

Content and accounts that may be deleted on a case-by-case basis

  • We cannot host extremely large files for former Brandeis affiliates since the ongoing file hosting will negatively impact our available ArcGIS fileshare and pool of service credits. As such, we may need to remove these files from our site.
  • Learn ArcGIS tutorials, test files, etc. may be deleted from alumni accounts as needed.
  • ArcGIS Online groups with no active Brandeis members are periodically removed from our system, but all of the content that's shared to these groups will continue to be stored in group members' deactivated ArcGIS Online accounts.
  • We also reserve the right to delete inactive legacy ArcGIS user accounts (accounts created pre-2018).

How to Retain Access to your ArcGIS content

If you would like to retain editing access to your ArcGIS Online content after leaving Brandeis, you will need to transfer your content to a non-Brandeis account (or a collaborator's account). You can contact our GIS Librarian if you need assistance migrating content to a new account or if you need to bulk update the sharing permissions for your content.

Back up & Export your Data

Reassign Ownership to another Brandeis user

Move Content to an Outside Account

You can transfer content to an outside organizational ArcGIS account, public ArcGIS account (personal or developer), or pay for personal subscription to retain access to the full capabilities of the software. Once you've created a separate account, you can use the following tools to transfer content to your new account.

Note: You will lose some functionality in your story map if you transfer ownership from an organizational to a public account. Public ArcGIS StoryMaps accounts provide access to fewer content blocks than organizational ArcGIS StoryMaps accounts, so you won't be able to embed content, add audio files, timelines, etc.

Create an Account

Transfer Content

Please note that there are fewer transfer options for content created in the new ArcGIS StoryMaps Builder and in ArcGIS Experience. If you want to transfer a story map to a non-Brandeis account, you will need to use the beta version of ArcGIS Assistant. The transfer process will fail if you use the older version of ArcGIS Online Assistant.