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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Databases for GIS Research

GIS techniques are used across multiple disciplines and professions. The following databases are a few starting points for finding peer-reviewed articles and general reference materials on GIS. Please go to A-Z Databases for a full list of our available databases in your discipline(s).

Background Reference

GIS Books

If you'd like to find print and e-books on GIS, try searching in Brandeis Library OneSearch. Here are some suggested search terms for finding books about geographic information systems (GIS), mapping, geography or related topics:

  • geographic information systems
  • GIS
  • ArcGIS
  • QGIS
  • spatial analysis
  • cartography
  • geospatial data
  • digital mapping
  • geodatabases
  • geographical perception
  • global positioning system (GPS)
  • maps
  • remote sensing

Using AND/OR

  • Use AND between search terms to narrow your search. For example, using GIS AND forensics will find articles with all terms, giving you more specific results.
  • Use OR between search terms to broaden your results, such as using "geographic information systems" OR GIS will find articles with either term, giving you more results.

Use quotation marks (" ") around search terms to search for them as a phrase (e.g., "geographic information systems")


Select Books at Brandeis Library

GIS Journals & Newsletters