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ArcGIS Online and Story Maps


ArcGIS Online StoryMaps logo.

ArcGIS Story Maps is a online mapping application that can be used as a digital storytelling tool. The ArcGIS Story Maps builder can be used to build a custom online mapping application that integrates interactive maps created in ArcGIS Online, audiovisual material, text, and more.

Get Started

Brandeis users need to use the Sign In with Enterprise login option on the Story Maps login page to sign into their Story Maps account. When prompted, type brandeis into the text box for the organization's URL. Then select the Brandeis University button to sign into your account.

Share Story Map Content

If you want to share your story map with the public, you need to make sure that all of the content in your story map is publicly shared, including:

  • All of the ArcGIS Online maps (web maps) you've added to your story map.
  • All of the layers (services) that are used in the maps you've added to your story map.
  • The story map (web application) itself.

When you share your story map, you'll have the option to either share the URL for your story map or you can use the embed code to embed your story map in another website.

Before you leave Brandeis

Transfer your ArcGIS Online content before leaving Brandeis

If you'd like to retain access to your ArcGIS Online map content after leaving Brandeis, you will need to transfer your maps, web apps, and associated data to a non-Brandeis account. Here are some methods for preserving your content: