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ENVS 130A: Environmental Politics and Justice in Latin America

Resources and research tips for Prof. Claudia Horn's Fall 2023 course, ENVS 130A: Environmental Politics and Justice in Latin America.

Guide Overview

This guide includes recommended resources for Prof. Claudia Horn's course, ENVS 130A: Environmental Politics and Justice in Latin America. Additional resources will be added to this guide throughout the semester.

Get Started

Environmental Studies includes scholarship produced by researchers from a variety of disciplines. As you start your research process, it's important to think about what theoretical and methodological approaches will be needed to support your research. You may need to search in a variety of databases in order to find scholarship that addresses environmental studies topics from scientific, humanistic, and/or social science perspectives. 

Find Journal Articles

The following databases are a great place to start searching for scholarly articles on the topics of environmental politics and justice in Latin America. This isn't an exhaustive list of all of the databases that you can use for your research, so please feel free to contact our librarians if you need help refining your search strategies or finding other databases to search.

Environmental Studies Databases

Latin American Studies Databases

Social Science & Multidisciplinary Databases

Browse more databases in our library's Databases A-Z list.

Use Annotated Bibliographies to Find Sources

Get Research Help

ENVS 130A students can book individual or group appointments with our ENVS librarian. Both in-person appointments and Zoom appointments are available. Students can also make use of our library's chat and drop-in research help services.