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How to Customize the LATTE Shell

A guide to the Brandeis LATTE Shell


LATTE course shells are provisioned with a template that gives a blank LATTE course some structure and design. The LATTE course template is updated each semester to be more minimal, streamlined, and flexible, with all improvements based on faculty feedback. Instructors can make any changes to the topic structure and naming conventions to make the shell fit their class needs.

Faculty input is gathered through a wide range of sources: 

  • Shell Listening Sessions 
  • Request for email feedback
  • Support tickets submitted to ITS and Library 
  • Faculty correspondence and discussions with Library staff 

Change Summary

The Summer/Fall 2022 Template is identical to the Spring 2022 Template from the student perspective. The guiding information for instructors found in the banner section and the Instructor Resources section have been streamlined and updated to reflect the support available.

Additionally, in response to feedback from faculty, the default aggregation method in the Gradebook has been set to Weighted Mean of Grades. More information about the LATTE Gradebook and the available aggregation methods can be found in the Grading and Providing Feedback guide.

Changes in the Summer/Fall 2022 Template

Gradebook default aggregation method

  • Based on faculty feedback and data from support requests, the default aggregation method for a new LATTE course's Gradebook is set to Weighted Mean of Grades. Previously, the default was Simple Weighted Mean of Grades, which does not provide the option to manually adjust grade item weights.

Support language updates

  • Instructor support language was updated to reflect available support from the Center for Teaching and Learning and ITS.