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For information about CLARC or other programs available through the Department of Classical Studies, please visit the department's website -


For questions about submissions to the CLARC Collection or information about the Brandeis Institutional Repository, please Contact Us or email us at: 


Classical Studies Artifact Research Collection (CLARC) was founded in 2006 and included approximately 800 archeological artifacts. These objects, mostly gifts to the university, were gathered into the current collection more than 20 years ago under the curatorship of classical studies.  Student interns, selected from the Department of Classical Studies, manage the collection, capturing digital images and conducting ongoing research. Each academic year, additional new items, images, and research are added to the collection. For more about the Classical Studies Department visit Department of Classical Studies . For more about CLARC visit Classical Artifact Research Collection .


Workflow for CLARC

Logging In 

  • As part of CLARC, you will have an account created for your with permissions to add materials to the CLARC Collection 
  • From the main Brandeis Institutional page, on the right-hand side menu, under My Account, select on Login 

Starting a New Submission

  • Once you have logged in, more options will appear under My Account. 
  • Select the Submissions link to start a new submission


  • After selecting Submissions, you will be redirected to a new page. You will then select "Start a New Submission"
  • On the following page, you will be asked to select a collection from the drop-down menu. Select "School of Arts and Sciences > Department of Classical Studies > Classical Studies Artifact Research Collection (CLARC)


  • After you have selected the CLARC collection, on the next page you will begin to enter information about the artifact.
  • The first piece of information will be the Title - for example Oil Lamp or Bronze Figure
  • You will enter the CLARC identifier - this is a number assigned by CLARC to all the objects in the collection 
  • The Extent is simply the dimensions of the artifact 
  • The Medium is what the item is made of aka bronze, gold, glass, etc. 
  • Type is what the object is such as bowl, mirror, etc. 
  • The Description allows you to provide a brief description of the object - for example, "Slim drinking cup made of porous clay, the body tapering gracefully down to a petite base. There is a lip indentation at the slightly chipped rim and no obvious signs of paint. Slight content stains – possibly of wine – are apparent at the pit"

  • Once all the information about the artifact has been entered, select Next and you will be redirected to the next page where you will upload your file and enter the File Name 
  • After uploading your file and providing the File Name, select Next


  • On the following screen, you can review all the information you provided before selecting "Complete Submission" 
  • Once the submission has been completed, the appropriate people will review it and approve the submission. After the submission has been approved, it will go live in the IR.